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vim colorscheme: galaxy1.0 发布~

Rykka posted @ 2011年9月05日 00:24 in vim with tags vim , 6256 阅读




Terminal curosr 部分感谢 依云同学的 改变终端下的光标颜色,包括 screen 和 tmux!

galaxy 在 下载

需要安装 ColorV  








    *galaxy* is a colorscheme that generate schemes with colors.

    With this you can:
        Simply get your desired colorscheme.

    With this you get:
        5 built-in schemes.
        Generate scheme with only one color.
        Edit schemes in 5 colors.
        Simply generate 100+ schemes with colorname-list.
        Terminal (256/16/8) support with all schemes.
        StatusLine highlight with insert-enter.
        Clearly diff mode color.

    Take a glance:

    Where to start:     
        :colorscheme galaxy


1.Using [Vundle.vim](Recommend):~
    After installed vundle and git. Add this line to your vimrc  
    `Bundle 'Rykka/vim-galaxy'`
    `Bundle 'Rykka/ColorV'`
    Run `:BundleInstall` to install.
    And update them easily by `:BundleInstall!`
2.Using [Galaxy on]~
    You should download latest 'ColorV' at first.
    Download the latest version of tar.gz file,
    Extract to $VIMFILE folder.
    ("~/.vim" for linux. "$HOME/vimfiles" for windows)
    Generate helptags. `:helptags ~/.vim/doc

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